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Source: Acta Medica Transilvanica. Abstract: Chronic venous insufficiency van der Molen 1 is a clinical syndrome with different etiology, prognosis and therapeutics that is subsequent to chronic disturbances of venous circulation, especially in the lower limbs, resulting in significant changes in the interstitial space, lymphatics and skin.

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Chronic venous insufficiency CVI includes two clinical divisions almost similar, but different perforator vein thrombosis terms of etiopathogenesis, therapeutics and prognosis: superficially chronic venous insufficiency representing the late stage of superficially veins perforator vein thrombosis and varicose disease and chronic deep venous insufficiency, represented by the post-thrombotic postphlebitic syndrome.

This article has been drawn up based on the PhD thesis of Dr. Ciprian Sofariu aiming at the: analysis of certain epidemiological factors relevant to the onset of the varicose disease and of the deep vein thrombosis endogenous factors: anthropologic, anatomic and physiological, genetic, constitutional, sex, age, endocrine, pregnancy, obesity, health status and exogenous factors: physical and social ; morphological analysis of some static and dynamic aspects of ultrasound, colour and spectral Doppler in the varicose disease, deep vein thrombosis DVT and the post-thrombotic syndrome compared with phlebography; determining the role of the two radio-imaging methods in the diagnosis of chronic venous insufficiency.

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