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The year-old actress has been spotted in the wealthy town of Greenwich in Connecticut, where it seems she is spending time alone to reflect on her year-marriage.

Wearing full black, the mother-of-two was seen walking alone and still appeared to be wearing her wedding ring on Wednesday. News of their separation broke a week ago, and was confirmed by the couple in a joint statement released by their publicist.

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Showing the strain: A gaunt-looking Catherine Zeta Jones was pictured for the first time since news broke last week of her separation from Michael Douglas, pictured on Wednesday in Greenwich, Connecticut It came after months of speculation about the state of their relationship, which has endured some tough times in recent years, including Michael's throat cancer battle and Catherine being treated for bi-polar II.

Only last night he was cracking jokes at the GQ Men Of The Years Awards in London - and has previously spoken publicly to say he and Catherine are intent on ironing out their troubles. Douglas, who was heavy legs after chemotherapy at the airport in London on Wednesday, spoke earlier this week at the Berlin premiere of the movie, insisting there was no 'crisis' in his marriage.

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The year-old actor said his marriage is 'fine' and they are simply having a 'temporary separation'. Talking to the press at the event in Germany on Monday, he said: 'I have a crisis at home?

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We, we are fine. My wife and I are, are fine. Catherine appears to want to do all she can to make things work and maintain her 13 year marriage.

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According to previous reports, the Red 2 star has admitted to friends she would do 'everything in my power' to keep their family - which includes their children Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10 - together. It has also been said the couple are seeking help through counselling, which has been described as the star's 'last throw of the dice.

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Thousands of miles apart: Michael seen left on Wednesday at the airport in London and, right, on Tuesday evening leaving the GQ Men Of The Year Awards We're fine: The year-old actor told reporters his marriage was 'fine' and the separation was only temporary at the Berlin premiere of his movie Behind The Candelabra on Monday Then the actor was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer, which he claimed was brought on by a combination of stress, heavy drinking, smoking and even oral sex.

He underwent six months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy before being given the all clear in January Catherine struggled to support him during the treatment, and was apparently drinking and smoking heavily.

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Soon afterwards, she checked herself into a heavy legs after chemotherapy psychiatric hospital in Connecticut suffering from bipolar II disorder, in which serial periods of depression are followed by manic highs.

Earlier this year, she spent a second spell in the clinic to receive further treatment for her condition. In recent months, they have drifted increasingly apart.

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It was claimed in February that Douglas had moved out and gone to live nearby while they considered their future. He was also said to have moved out for a time last summer, but returned because of concerns for her health. Last picture together: The couple smiled for the cameras that the 40th Anniversary Chaplin Award Gala in New York on April 22 Share or comment on this article: Pictured: Catherine Zeta-Jones looks gaunt as she puffs on a cigarette outside church after Michael Douglas separation